How Does it Work?

The Inside Ride is an organized stationary cycling event that we bring to you. It is set up generally indoors, where between twenty and eighty professionally-maintained Louis Garneau hybrid bikes are mounted and held stationary on trainers, with distance and speed gauged with odometers. Team members have fundraised for approximately one month in advance of the the fun event day.

On each bike is a team of six people and each cyclist rides for five or ten minutes to fun, fast-paced, uplifting music. As the cyclists rotate through #1-6 they are cheered on by teammates, friends, colleagues and spectators. Volunteers record team mileage, organizers score costumes and team spirit, and the Inside Ride Crew calculate fundraising totals. There are medals at stake for outstanding team fundraising, team spirit, team costumes, team mileage and top male, female and volunteer fundraising.

What is The Inside Ride – Academic

What is The Inside Ride – Corporate & Community

Step One

CONTACT US – by email or phone. We give you an overview and answer your questions

Step Two

BOOK YOUR DATE – the planning process is at minimum 6 weeks…longer for first time events. The Inside Ride is a significant event in most of our hosts calendars and many of our most successful organizers book up to a year in advance.

Step Three

LET’S PLAN – we provide the tools, templates, and web presence and guide you through the planning process. You provide the committee and the space. Our job is to help your event be a success.

Step Four

LAUNCH YOUR EVENT – be it a school wide assembly, a lunch and learn, email blast or a town hall meeting, the launch shares vital information about the event and kids cancer and kick starts registration.

Step Five

YOU RIDE – 6 riders per team, 5 or 10 minutes of cycling per rider. Bring your team spirit and celebrate your organization’s efforts to ride, volunteer, donate and fundraise.

Step Six

REAP THE REWARDS – we present your Fundraising total and medals for:

  • Highest Mileage team
  • Best Team Costume
  • Best Team Spirit
  • Top Team Fundraising
  • Top Male, Female and Volunteer Fundraisers