Do I need to train to participate in The Inside Ride?

You don’t need to train specifically to participate in The Inside Ride. However, we do recommend you have a reasonable expectation that cycling for 10 minutes will raise your heart rate a little. Use the first two minutes as a warm up then ride at a pace that is comfortable for you. This doesn’t have to be an athletic competition. The event is a celebration of your team’s accomplishments to volunteer, fundraise, donate, and participate. Pace yourself to have fun!

What should I wear to participate in The Inside Ride?

Riders should wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. We recommend you wear shorts and t-shirts underneath your costumes. Do not wear multiple layers of clothing or heavy costumes while riding.

What are the bikes and the pedals like?

The bikes are modern, professionally maintained hybrid bikes. They are mounted on stationary trainers set up on mats to eliminate drift or vibration. Your bike volunteer or Inside Ride Crew Leader will help you to adjust the seat height, and work the odometer. You’re in good hands, don’t worry!

I finished my turn on the bike, what do I do now?

Congratulations! Once you get feeling back in your legs it’s time to cheer on your teammates after they cheered you on so enthusiastically.

What forms of donations are accepted?

Online, cash and cheques are all acceptable forms of donations. Though we highly recommend online donations through your secure event website. Donors do all the data entry for you and receive their tax receipts immediately to their email.

Who do I make my donation cheque payable to?

Cheques to be payable to “The Inside Ride”. Tax receipts will be issued by the Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation for donations of $20 or more. Full mailing addresses are a federal requirement to issue a tax receipt and must be captured online or on the pledge forms. Electronic tax receipts are issued immediately with an online donation of $20 or more. Donations submitted by cash or cheque with fully documented pledge forms are issued electronically generally within 16 weeks of the event. Tax receipts will be mailed by Canada Post where email addresses are not provided. For specifics on our annual allocations, please go to http://www2.coasttocoastagainstcancer.org/about-us/financial-statements/