Academic Events

Participation in The Inside Ride brings a sense of community, confidence and a united purpose to schools and their students. Students are given the opportunity to lead, organize and contribute, not only to a cause that helps children and teens who may be their friends, family or peers but also to experience difference making. By choosing to ride, donate, volunteer, or fundraise, the event is inclusive and builds a spirit of community, team spirit, and achievement – something we hope will make an impact in their lives – inspiring them to be difference makers of the future.

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in children in Canada. It is killing more children than all the other diseases combined.

There is no better way to ignite a passion for participation, of giving to others and building the students’ awareness of childhood cancer than by bringing this fun, fast-paced and vibrant event to their school community to celebrate their collective fundraising efforts.”

In high schools, The Inside Ride is positioned, scheduled and supported as a major term/semester/annual fundraiser by the administration and organizing team. It is a professionally organized and executed event brought to your School at no charge. Academic have between 15 and 110 teams at events, 180 – 660 students and staff. High schools generally raise between $10K and $100K.

You Provide We Provide
TEACHER SUPPORT PERSON and buy in from administration Event planning checklist
School wide ASSEMBLY MEETING with your organizing committee
School wide communication about event and deadlines PRESENTOR, AND AV MATERIALS FOR ASSEMBLY
The VENUE ( your gym, café, auditorium) Pledge, permission and fundraising FORMS AND PAPERWORK
The event day VOLUNTEERS WEBSITE – customized registration and fundraising platform
Recruit the TEAMS COACHING – direct and personal support for participants, donors and organizers via phone and email
Encourage FUNDRAISING ALL EQUIPMENT, STAFF AND MATERIALS needed to run a successful event on the DAY OF


Our minimum is 15 teams or $6,000 in fundraising. We’ll do our best to work with you to make your event the success it deserves to be.

To protect our sponsor funding to ensure we raise the funds we are committed to annually, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule an event should there be less than 15 teams at a high school event. Fundraising is set at minimum $50 per person and $300 per team for high school events and $100 per person and $600 per team for corporate and community events.