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Thank You Volunteers


This was bound to happen.  We’ve headed eastward home after all of the perpetual motion west and have not taken the time to really construct a genuine and heartfelt thank you to our volunteers.  Recognize each and every one of the incredible people that we met across the land. How could we?  There is never a big enough thank you or enough time to show a suitable degree of gratitude towards these generous citizens.  These people that are the scaffolding of this big thing we are building together.

We’re strong and prepared for all the heavy lifting, emotionally and physically. High energy events like these driven by our need to fix a giant problem are exhausting.  When help shows up, we try and look cool but are jumping up and down inside.

Our task together is huge. Finding a place beyond cancer.  It’s a task that happens in tiny moves forward, slow and arduous.  As frantic as we are, progress goes at a glacial pace.  Thanks to the patience of those that appreciate the pace and respect the mission, we’re starting to see the rise in the distance.  It’s coming into focus.  The one that all this hard work has moved us towards and as we crest it one day, the momentum of what we have done collectively will let us pick up speed and cover much more ground.  Then we zoom.  Not something that we could have ever done alone.

Volunteers are a curious breed.  They slink in and drift away after their job is done.  They arrive with an instinctual awareness that their job could be anything and everything under the sun for the next couple of hours.  They carry themselves with the dignity of not needing a big deal to be made about them being there.  It seems to come naturally to older folk so that much more impressive when a young adult puts on a volunteer tshirt and dives in.  Putting down your iPhone is the new rolling up your sleeves.

We need donations and for the most part that means money.  One of the most critical,  valuable and often overlooked donations though is one of time.  Spoiler alert; everyone is busy. To be able to crack off a chunk of that busy and donate it to our efforts is absolute gold.  Funny thing about busy; more often than not the least busy are those who speak only of how terribly busy they are all the time. No room for that here.

We see you volunteers and we get what it took for you to be here with us.  We cant extend our gratitude far enough to reach each of you personally and hope in some small way that this can take the place of the handshake, the pat on the back, the hug.  We got a lot of you but if you are one of the helpers that did not get manhandled by one of us, know that we see you.  That your contribution mattered.  That you are the backbone of what this foundation is.

This is a volunteer driven, grass roots organization.  It takes a special kind of someone to roll up their sleeves and get their heart dirty with us.  May what you brought to us in those few hours spent together come back at you ten fold.  Knowing that you are out there keeps the embers to our National Inside Ride Tour fire glowing until we fire it up again next year.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our volunteers.  If anyone asks what the heck you were doing down at the rec centre, the Lions Club or the church basement with a bunch of truckers and bikers, you can confidently answer “Changing the world”.