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NIR 2013 – Victoria BC

At the very most southern tip of Vancouver Island is the picturesque city of Victoria BC.  It’s a meticulously landscaped wonder surrounded by the not so landscaped wonder that is crops of arbutus trees, craggy coves and shadowy forests.  The city has grown explosively in recent years but make no mistake, it is an island separate from some big city accouterments.  For most that live here, an extremely attractive thought evident in the property values.  This town has cast a spell over the crew.  We may lose some more to it’s charms.

We all know the precariousness of island living from Gilligan’s Island right?  To lend some metaphoric context here,  a doctors appointment that may only have taken three hours out of a day becomes your entire life and that of your family’s when your child receives a cancer diagnosis.  Just like that.  In the time it takes a ship to sink, you are deserted.

When you have a very sick child, the rest of the world kind of goes away. A different, albeit unintentional, kind of desertion.  People that don’t know what to say, purely out of not wanting to say the wrong thing, become quiet.  Unimaginable costs start to mount out of left field.  Parking at hospitals.  Gas money to get to the city where your child’s treatment will take place.  And if you live on an island like this; ferry costs, accommodations out of town, care for your children staying back home.  It comes hard and it comes fast right at the exact time where you have the least capacity to deal with it.

When the deserted island scenario comes up in party conversation, what comes up most is cold drinks and hot celebrities. When the deserted island scenario comes up in this world, the only wish is help.  Without knowing or understanding what that might mean yet.  Just help.

As the crew traveling across the country bringing these events to communities, we are the lucky ones that get to meet those that have been taken care of.  Teams of people that have either been recipients of a local organizations help or have witnessed it.  They thank us.  Hardly seems fair to accept it.  ReneThe smile on Rene’s face is thanks enough.  The family that had just moved to town and were wrapped in BCCCPA’s arms and so appreciative, thanks enough. Those that sought out our event as a way to celebrate someone lost, thanks enough.  What’s cool about a deserted island is that once you throw in a professor, a movie star and a couple of mighty sailors….a pirate, Cat in the Hat, superheros, some flowers…. not so deserted after all.   Having all been on that stupid, awful, hateful boat together.

Organizations like BCPPCA that we are supporting on this years National Inside Ride Tour are the life rings, the rescue boats, the people that pick up your message in a bottle.

We are a foundation.  Coast To Coast Against Cancer raises funds and is very good at giving them all away. We give to the organizations that need it the most.  The ones manning the life boats.