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NIR 2013 – Broadridge Vancouver

FogPeople that work in the financial district get up when it looks like this.  Dark. Gloomy.  In Vancouver for the last handful of days, weighted down with fog. You would think that this kind of start to a morning would set the tone for a solemn day of lightless drudgery. Not this gang. The weather did not fool our crew, we’d been here before.

The National Inside Ride Tour brings fun, cycling specific events to communities across Canada.  You may be wondering what the heck we were doing jamming bikes and banners into a boardroom on the sixth floor of an office tower in the heart of downtown.  We would not be honest if we said we weren’t asking ourselves the same question during the crack of dawn rush hour drive downtown.  It’s because within this corporation, a community has evolved.

What is a community?  The definitions vary but for the most part what applies here is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

This event was owned by everyone in the room.  No one stood apart from the others, riding or not.  No one quietly stood by only partially engaged having been dragged in.  No one missed the shaving of David Einsteins head or the excitement around the funds raised to make this happen.  We think he may have been voted in as Mayor of the community since.  And with any political figurehead, there are incriminating mohawk pictures floating around to be used for leverage at a later date.

These are busy, busy people.  They all have huge jobs.  Evident in the woman who rode with her team of Hosers then showed back up for the medal ceremony in a beautifully tailored dress fit for a power lunch with The Donald.  It’s not easy to put aside your work when you can see your desk from your bike, we know that and appreciate the spirited engagement shown here that much more.

Another busy, busy group of people is BCCCPA:  British Comumbia Childhood Cancer Parents Association. They are out in the field swinging the bat and trying to get as much help to parents and families who are having things pitched at them within their own communities.

To say this was a team building exercise seems a little weak being that the Broadridge team shows up each year fully built. It is with great pride that we have been able to unite these two communities and that 100% of Broadridge’s efforts in fundraising that day fastballed it right to BCCCPA.