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Plan B

“So when you go who’s doing your job?”
“You are.”

Ever had to resort to Plan B? Feels like second best sometimes. And sometimes it works out just fine. Jenn had to leave us, her little charges, and head home for a week. Whilst shackled to her bed with laryngitis, paperwork and doting children, we travel west from Edmonton for our final four events. Alone, without our platinum pilot in the driver’s seat.
Her trusted co-pilot Larry would step into the commanding role and with sweaty palms another would take off her work gloves and step out from behind the camera to take a nervous seat behind the registration table. You never know or appreciate the work someone else does until you have to do it. Waving Jenn off we look like a gaggle of kids who just had their training wheels unbolted and there’s a downhill coming.

Thanks to a woman who remains calm, patient, grateful, diplomatic and open-minded from the best to the worst of times, no one ever sees the madness behind the many scenes that have to play out to put on this crazy mobile, stationary, peloton event.

From the outside we’re a gaggle of bodacious, hard working, a little tired perhaps, talented and patient brothers-of-the-road crossing the country for the greater good. From the inside we’re sleep-in-ers, we’re compulsive exercisers, obsessive social networkers, we’re controllers, and late-night pee-ers, we’re early-morning risers, we’re three-meal-a-day-ers, snackers, out of control liquorice eaters and we’re dedicated coffee drinkers. All that amounts to a serious amount of inside craziness no one outside of the Tour gets to witness. And that’s as it should be. What happens on the Tour stays on the Tour. Unless one of us writes about it and tells the listening world!

But seriously, to pull off a cross-country event of this size and duration takes a colossal amount of organization, trust and espresso-based drinks. The National Inside Ride isn’t a cookie cutter fundraiser; it’s a unique experience offering real solutions to the actual people who need it the most. Not everyone has the character, tools and smile to orchestrate it into a seamless, powerful and balanced two hours of fun and honour for these children and their families the country over. Jenn Davies does. Every family, company, organization and community has a leader who offers a guiding hand, a calming presence and a comforting “no man is an island” wisdom their understudies come to rely on, whether they know it or not. For the National Inside Ride, Jenn Davies is such a leader. And when she leaves her minions in charge of this rolling party on 122 wheels she trusts us without question; that’s both comforting and unnerving.

And so to you Jenn Davies, your 2013 NIRT charges can “no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks and ever thanks” for your limitless love, round-table respect and pedagogical patience.

“So when you come back who’s doing your job?”
“You are.”
Sometimes Plan B works out just fine.